Treats: Seeds of Summer

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The beauty of springtime in the garden abounds with blossoming flowers everywhere.  Soon however, the rains will be gone and the summer heat will be in full force, fading away many of the delicate flowers we so enjoy.  For me, creativity is most high when I am surrounded with new life, especially new flowers to paint, so planting seeds is a simple pleasure that is followed by great rewards.  For the hot summer months I am planning:

Zinnias (Green Envy, Giant Violet Queen, and Giant Lavender Gem):  these are hearty flowers that grow easily and take full sun.  They are tall ( 2.5  feet) and make an excellent background border.

Perennial Wildflowers for Partial Shade:  This is a mixture of cool-toned wildflowers that contains Bachelor's Button, Chinese Forget-Me-Not, Sweet William, Alyssum, and Columbine among other varieties.  I have never sown many of the contents of this package and look forward to seeing what surprises are inside.

Forget-Me-Not:  Always loving blue, I couldn't resist this little package of dainty blue flowers!

These seeds will be planted soon and hopefully ready to bloom in late July.  So much to look forward to...

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