Every Weekend Should Begin with Chocolate Cake...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Did you ever notice that sometimes the simplest things in life are the most fantastic? Like sunshine sneaking through the window in the early morning, juicy raspberries that glisten like jewels, and the luscious scent of chocolate cake baking in the oven. I serve this chocolate cake sans icing, with a light dusting of powdered sugar instead. It only gets better when adorned with ruby red raspberries and a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Here is the recipe if you are interested.  Happy weekend!

Lisa's Divine Friday Cake

Well, obviously, cake baking can be as easy or as hard as you make it. On special occasions I go for the works- Valrhona chocolate, a splash of liqueur, etc. But not on Fridays. By then I am worn out from the week and I just want to relax and eat my cake! So, here is the ever-so-easy recipe for Divine Friday Cake. Enjoy!

1 box of devil's food cake mix
Vegetable oil
1 cup mini-chocolate chips
1 pint of fresh raspberries
Vanilla Häagen-Dazs
Powdered Sugar
Fancy Bundt Pan

Make cake according to package directions. Before baking, mix the mini-chocolate chips with some flour (so they don't all settle at the bottom of the cake pan) and stir them into the batter. Pour batter into a buttered Bundt pan and bake for the recommended time. Remove from oven and cool the cake. Then carefully release it from the pan and dust with powdered sugar. Serve with vanilla ice cream and raspberries.

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  1. Hmmm... looks good. I'll have to try it. I do love devil's cake so I'm sure I'd like a chocolate version.


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