Arranging with Flowers from the Garden

Sunday, September 19, 2010

This time of year it is fun to have a souvenir of summer to bring into the home and enjoy.  Although the flowers in our yard are becoming fewer as fall approaches, there are still some bright bloomers like the Red Riding Hood Mandevilla used in this arrangement. 

The beauty of designing arrangements with home grown flowers is that they are rarely flower-store-perfect, and because of this they offer an interesting, informal look.  To complement the bright red mandevilla in this arrangement, subtle silver helichrysum, and clippings from a rough textural tea tree bush were added.  Lastly, berries from the nandina bush, which are just starting to turn colorful now, were added.

Containers also make a big difference in the overall style of an arrangement.  The low and dramatic square vase pictured below has a contemporary style, yet the same flowers look very vintage and eclectic in the silver filigree wineglass.  There are so many different possibilities!

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