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Thursday, September 23, 2010

This is a project I created for the class Blogging Your Way taught by Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring.  The mood board is a collection of little pieces of inspiration.  It includes objects of art and nature mixed with opulent jewels and ribbons.  The rich oranges and greens with dark brown, ecru and gold filigree reflect the fall season and the direction some of my artwork will be taking this next month or two.

Some of the objects included in the mood board are:  oak leaf ornament from Yosemite, ribbon rose, statue of Michaelangelo's Moses, book of Swedish prayers, Italian papers, gilded leaf, my mixed media tree collage, painted Russian lacquer pin, and cloisonne butterfly.

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  1. Love the richness of your colors... I'm trying to get going on my own mood board. I'm in BYW e-course - enjoying it, but also feeling somewhat overwhelmed with all the fabulously talented gals who blog.
    Looks like you enjoy traveling... will come back to your blog when I have more time to check it out! where do you teach?
    find me at


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