Growing into Mums...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Even though our summer flowers are fading away with the autumn chill the mums are looking gorgeous.  I didn't used to like mums much as they always struck me as the ultimate "grocery store plant".  Seeing multicolored mums piled year round in the aisles for last minute gifts made them seem boring and basic and worst of  I was a bit of a flower snob...

Then one day I realized that beauty can be very familiar but still be beautiful.  That's when I fell in love with mums.  Now they are on the porch and patio en masse every fall.  I love the jewel tones and the robust foliage and the profusion of color they provide.  They also look great in baskets with pumpkins all around.  And, if they are given lots of sunshine and cut back after blooming, they will be around for many seasons to flower again and again.

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  1. They are my favorites. I finally bought some today and the colors are so yummy.


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