Hosting House Guests

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Having friends from afar come to visit is always a pleasure, especially in the fall.  Making a beautiful guest room to welcome them is the first part of the fun.  Here are five tips I try to remember when hosting house guests...
  • Make sure the closet is free of clutter with plenty of pretty hangers that complement the guest room decor.  Include an extra blanket on one of the closet shelves.
  • A quality set of flannel sheets on the bed in the cooler months is a cozy must-have for an inviting room.
  • Place a basket of home-baked cookies or chocolates in the welcome your guests.  Fresh fruit and nuts are a good alternative for the more health-conscious.  And, of course, bottled water is essential.
  • A few magazines and books are usually appreciated.  Include something area-specific like a local magazine or tour guide so your guests can get a sense of the locale they are visiting. 
  • Don't forget to clear a place in the room for suitcases to be stored.  It should be out of the traffic area so guests are not tripping on their luggage while coming and going.
And most of all... have fun, and your guests will too!

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