Treats: Fancy Frames

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Building a beautiful environment is part of living creatively as what surrounds us influences our experience. Carefully choosing objects that are meaningful and reflect ones tastes is an important part of nurturing the creative spirit.

Try this for a treat one day...  buy an inexpensive but interesting frame. (This one was about $5 at a local discount store.) Then find a greeting card, image from an art book, calendar, etc. that you like.  I chose this painting, because of its metropolitan theme and captivating image of a mother with her children.  The expression of patient mother love and the fascination children find in simple acts inspires me.  Also, the neutral tones in the picture do not overpower the ornate gold of the frame making this a subtle piece that works well with the decor in my studio. Frame your chosen image and enjoy!

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