Five Creative Containers for Cut Flowers

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Is your garden filled with beautiful blooms?  Then why not cut a few flowers to bring indoors and enjoy...

Here are some quick and easy ideas for creative ways to display cut flowers using everyday items:

1.  Try using an old perfume bottle as a bud vase.  Oftentimes, they are exquisite cut glass in stylish shapes and colors. 

2.  Votive holders for candles can make great flower vases too!  These petite containers look lovely on a nightstand or bathroom counter.

3.  Glass teapots are a quaint and fun way to display a mixed bouquet. 

4.  Pellegrino water bottles or other colored glass bottles make casual containers for rustic, country decor.  Try filling a few with garden flowers and place them on a table runner for an easy and colorful table design!

5.  Ramekins are perfect for floating flowers like camellias and gardenias.  The simple shape of the ramekin will emphasize a fluffy, colorful bloom.

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