Sundance Resort: Luxury in the Wilderness

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sundance Country, Utah

Robert Redford's Sundance Resort near Park City, Utah is a refreshing and energizing treat for an early summer vacation.  Well known as a winter haven for skiers, and even more famous for the celebrated Sundance Film Festival held every January, this exquisite site is just as lovely in June.  Located in 6,000 acres of wilderness, with running streams and countless trees throughout the property, the natural beauty there is unforgettable.  The grandeur of Mt. Timpanogos, river rocks in marbled tones of earth, and lush foliage in every imaginable shade of green are just a few of the environmental treasures found at Sundance. 

Rocky Stream, Sundance, Resort, Utah

Rocky streams with running water create a serene "background music" at Sundance.  The rustic wooden cabins of the resort are woven into the landscape while paths through birch trees and fields of green connect the buildings leading one from place to place.

Birch Canopied Path, Sundance Resort, Utah

A rustic ambiance found in lodgings at Sundance complements the rich texture of the surrounding forest.  Natural materials are emphasized throughout the decor, with wood-paneled walls and unfinished tree log pillars defining the interior architecture.  Native American basketry, pottery, blankets, and other artifacts intermingle with early American folk art to create a fusion of styles.  Warm, earthy colors and rugged textures throughout the decor further enrich the natural, unpretentious quality of the design, recalling the connection between interior and surrounding wilderness.

Interior of Cabin, Sundance Resort, Utah
In addition to the phenomenal cuisine at the casual Foundry Grill restaurant, Sundance also offers a deli for take out. For cocktails and appetizers, The Owl Bar is cozy and relaxing.  There is also a more formal restaurant called The Tree Room.  For shopping, the General Store, features lovely artisan made pieces of jewelry, rustic home decor, and a selection of the clothing and other goods carried in the popular Sundance Catalog.

General Store, Sundance Resort, Utah

A full service spa featuring all natural products and treatments inspired by Native American tradition is yet another unique aspect of the resort at Sundance. 

The Spa at Sundance Resort, Utah

The Screening Room,  one of the venues where films are reviewed during the Sundance Film Festival, is adorned with movie posters.  Adjacent to the screening room is a theatre where movies are shown.

Screening Room, Sundance Resort, Utah

Although there were very few flowers at Sundance (due to the very cold winter weather I would imagine)  I did manage to find a few to photograph.  Yellow ranunculus and a white columbine were growing in the filtered light of all the trees.  How I hope to return to this place of beauty again someday...

Wildflowers, Sundance Resort, Utah


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous place! I love your descriptions. I wish I could visit! It looks magical.

  2. It was magical... Hope you visit there someday too. Thanks for stopping by!


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