Spring Floral Arrangement: Designing with Silk Flowers

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Designing with silk flowers is a simple and affordable way to add punctuation to a room while creating a unique and lasting work of art. Many high quality silk flowers on the market today are almost indistinguishable from living blooms.  They can be easily combined in vintage containers for a fashionable alternative to fresh floral designs.

The new style of floristry reflects a more natural aesthetic, with loose flowing flowers in non-traditional combinations and often incorporates garden-grown floral varieties.  This arrangement, for example, includes hydrangeas, peonies and ranunculus mixed with two kinds of orchids and calla lilies. 

To create an arrangement like this, first collect the necessary materials.  It is important to choose a container that reflects the overall look you want the piece to have.  I decided to use a patinated metal urn for a traditional French-inspired style.

Next, select a color scheme.  All of the flowers used here are different shades of white or light lavender-pink. Choose different shapes of flowers that fuse with the color scheme.  Large round blooms like hydrangeas give the arrangement structure while unusually shaped flowers like orchids add interest. Also, find some greenery to work throughout the arrangement.

To keep the design looking natural, bend the stems as shown above rather than cutting them when arranging.  This provides some structure within the vase to hold the other flowers in place but still allows for movement.  This way you can also reuse the flowers.

Next, begin arranging the largest blooms first until you find a shape you like.  Add the smaller accent flowers and greenery into the empty spaces as you build the arrangement.  In the design above, the hydrangeas and peonies form the core of the piece and support all the other flowers. 

Trailing vines and draping flowers provide a sense of movement and add to the organic, flowing look of the arrangement. This also emphasizes the way flowers actually grow, making the piece appear less fussy and more natural.

Below is the finished arrangement.  I added small white calla lilies throughout to highlight the design.  Now it is ready for display...

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  1. That is a gorgeous arrangement. Love the movement you created in it. Great colors.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment and for visiting!

  2. Hi your silk floral arrangement is so pretty and looks real. Wherever you bought the flowers they must be really good quality! TFS at the feathered nest party!
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

    1. Hi Julie,

      I'm so happy you like the arrangement. I look for flowers that are realistic and try to choose colors that actually occur in nature. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!


  3. Beautiful. Wonderful instructions too. I'm in the process of making two arrangements for our church sanctuary and was wondering if I should cut the stems or bend - now I know. Thanks you.

    1. Thank you! Im so glad my directions were helpful...


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