Creative Framing with Vintage Bird Prints

Monday, April 15, 2013

Last week I came across a few unused frames in my studio and decided to fill them with vintage bird prints so they can be hung in our hallway.  Since professional framing can be quite expensive, I opted to use this simple budget-friendly framing technique to accent some vintage bird postcards I purchased years ago.   If you'd like to try this technique to create something similar, the materials I used for the project are listed below  :

  • Carte Postale Birds & Nests Vintage Postcards by Cavallini & Co.
  • Bella Lux Gift Wrap in feather print
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Simple brown wooden frames
  • cardboard
  • tape or glue

To assemble the frames, first mount the bird postcards on sheets of cardboard and trim the edges to make a border around the image.  Then, cut a sheet of cardboard to match the size of the frame and wrap it with the feather printed paper.  Next, run the burlap ribbon from the top to the bottom of the cardboard and tape it on the back.  Then mount the bird image in the center.  Reassemble the frame and hang.  See, isn't that simple?

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Thanks and have a great week!

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