Five Ways to Beautify Your Backyard for Summer Entertaining

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Backyard entertaining is one of the true joys of summer living and creating an outdoor oasis for the warmest part of the year can be easier than you may think.  Although every yard is different, most comfortable outdoor living spaces have a few things in common.  They are inviting, well-maintained, and accentuate the inherent beauty of the garden .  Here are some enticing ideas for adding sparkle and cozy comfort to your backyard this summer.

1)  Fountains:  The sound of running water is very relaxing and also masks any distracting noises elsewhere in the environment.

2)  Comfortable Furniture and Pillows:  Outdoor furniture doesn't need to be expensive it just needs to be durable.  Any piece of furniture will work as long as it is weatherproof and easy to clean. And don't forget to add pillows.  They make a chair look worth sitting in and a bench seem inviting to guests.

3)  Container Plantings:  Plants in pots scattered throughout the conversation area create a cozy feeling in the backyard, and make the environment seem less formal.  It is also a great way to echo the style of the garden in the entertaining space.  For example in a contemporary garden, potted succulents would be a good choice, whereas a classic European garden may feature trimmed topiary in pots.

4)  Sparkle Lighting:  Adding a few strings of white outdoor lights to plants, trees or patios can make all the difference as dusk begins to fall.  Solar lights placed along pathways or used to highlight specimen plants or trees will create ambiance for evening entertaining.

5)  Outdoor Candles and Lanterns:  Decorative lanterns hung in the garden to accent pretty trees or flowers or set on the table for an evening dinner make the mood of the backyard more enjoyable.

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