Summer Floral Arrangement: Designing with Silk Flowers

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Garden Faux Floral Arrangement

The casual country charm of the brightly colored garden flowers in this faux floral arrangement bring a bit of summer indoors.  I made this arrangement to add a pop of color to our breakfast nook which overlooks the backyard gardens.  It includes varieties of summer flowers like zinnias, hydrangeas, calla lilies, chrysanthemums, geraniums, sunflowers and sweet peas in vibrant tones of orange, pink, yellow, blue and white.

Summer Country Garden Faux Flowers:  Sunflowers, Geraniums

To make a country garden arrangement like this, first select faux versions of colorful flowers that are typically grown in the summer.  Vibrant, warm colors are more common in summer blooms because they can endure the direct sun and heat.  Also, choose robust floral varieties that might be found in a cottage or rustic garden to achieve this informal country style.

Summer Country Garden Faux Flowers:  Zinnias, Calla Lily

To arrange the flowers, start with a very simple container.  A bowl, solid-colored pot, or rustic basket would work well.  Then, begin bending and twisting the stems of the flowers to fit in the container, placing the largest blooms first.  Add the remaining flowers to the arrangement at different heights and angles, creating an asymmetrical design.  Place the most unusually shaped and brightly colored flowers last as they will provide color and texture.  Fill in any empty spaces with greenery to make the arrangement appear full and finished.

Summer Country Garden Faux Floral Arrangement

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