Trees and Wildflowers at Alpine Lake

Monday, July 15, 2013

This weekend we traveled to beautiful Alpine Lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  As you can see, the crisp blue water and unique stone formations create a stunning backdrop for all the pine trees.  Located in the heart of the Stanislaus National Forest, Alpine Lake is a popular destination for camping, boating and canoeing in the summer months.  It is also a lovely place to relax and observe the grandeur of nature and take in the fresh alpine breezes.  

At an elevation of over 7000 ft, there were few flowers growing, but I managed to capture photos of some hot summer wildflower varieties we saw in the forested area.  

Small trees like this one grow out of rock crevices and hang over the water which creates an interesting juxtaposition of textures.

Most spectacular of all is the vast, panoramic landscape of this region.  Nature is so large here, it encompasses everything...

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  1. Oh what a lovely place to visit! Your photos are great - I don't think I'd get much relaxing done there (I would probably be running around with my camera, much to my husband's dismay). But it looks like a very serene place, and the views you captured are ridiculous!


    1. I too have trouble putting the camera down when we're out in beautiful nature. Thanks for the visit!



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