Autumn Flower Basket and Pomegranates

Monday, October 7, 2013

October is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful months of the year.  It is not too hot or cold and autumn flowers bloom in abundance in the temperate weather. Our pomegranate tree is covered with ripening balls of red fruit that sometimes burst open delighting the birds in the area. The opulent color and jewel-like seeds have a unique beauty to them and seemed a perfect accompaniment to this autumn basket of flowers.

Featuring clippings from our yard along with a market bouquet, this basket arrangement has a country garden style.  Light orange mums and red sunflowers combine with blue salvia and purple potato vine for a profusion of fall color.

To arrange the flowers in a basket I used three Bonne Maman jam jars set in the interior of the basket.  These are often the perfect size to place inside containers and fill with flowers.  I stuffed the jars with greenery filling in the gaps between them with foliage.  Next I placed the blooms starting with the sunflowers, then mums, salvia and grasses.  The eucalyptus branches were added last for contrast and because they are very fragile.

The light orange mums and blue salvia are some of my favorite fall flowers.  I like the contrast between these two colors.  Do you have a favorite floral combination for fall?

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