Candlelit Christmas Magnolia Table

Monday, December 16, 2013

Creating a nature-inspired holiday table using fresh and faux floral elements is an easy way to celebrate the season in style!  This Candlelit Christmas Magnolia Table features a freeform centerpiece of magnolia leaves and branches from our tree that have been enhanced with silk blooms for a decorative effect.  The branches extend down the middle of a rectangular dining table.  At the end, a sparkling silver reindeer figure is perched on a glass cake stand woven with magnolia leaves to create the focal point of the arrangement. 

Shimmering earth tones and mercury glass candle holders add a formal feeling to the table. Set with white embossed china and dark green chargers on textural woven placemats,  the nature-inspired palette of green, white and bronze is based on the magnolia flower.  The display is accented with silver, gold and champagne metallic elements.

Beaded faux fruit is spread throughout the table to catch the flickering candlelight and a glimmering apple or pomegranate is placed in each guest's bowl as a welcome gift.

Ivory pillar candles are staggered within the centerpiece to provide special ambience as guests prepare for Christmas dinner.

The faux magnolia flowers with large white silk petals reflect the candlelight and draw the eye.

Decorative trays for the table are made of embellished frames filled with wrapping paper printed with music.  As an artist, I have many frames in the house awaiting artwork and this seemed a perfect use for them!

Another frame made into a decorative tray supports scattered candles and gilded pinecones in the centerpiece.   Place cards are made of fresh magnolia leaves with guests' names inscribed in gold ink.  

This table is unique with its combination of opulence and natural beauty, vintage accents and candlelit warmth.


  1. What a beautiful and festive table you have created for Christmas. Have a very Happy Holiday!

    1. Thank you, Ingrid. Hope you enjoy the holidays too!

  2. Such an elegant and beautiful table! I especially love the magnolia leaves for placecards - I'm and going to have to store that idea for a rainy day!

    Wishing you lots of happiness this Christmas!


    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. We love our magnolia tree- the leaves are huge and easy to write on...

      Merry Christmas!



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