A Primary Palette...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I'm back in the studio this week experimenting with some vibrant color for the new year.  Although I often use a more muted palette, this break with tradition is a clear step forward for me in 2014.  It represents my desire to do things differently, to learn and to grow.

When I studied art in school I was always fascinated with the abstract compositions of Vassily Kandinsky, who was one of the first artists to eliminate recognizable objects from his paintings.  His bold use of color and abstraction inspired this piece, which although still representational (camellias and tulips in a vase) recalls the spirited hues and modern compositions of the early 20th century.


  1. These are beautiful Lisa - you are very talented!


  2. So, So Pretty! Love the colors, textures you used.

  3. Tammy,

    Thank you for your kind comment and for stopping by to visit!



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