Flowering Jade in Winter

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The jade plant, a South African succulent, is a favorite here in California for its lovely white winter flowers.  Jade plants are easy to grow indoors and out in mild climates and provide a show of snow-like flowers when chilly winter nights arrive.  

Our jade plant has been with us for a few years now on a covered porch and creates a beautiful display of white flowers in December and January.  The secret to making it bloom, we have learned, is to cover the plant with a string of lights when temperatures become extremely cold.  The lights warm the plant at night and cause it to flower.  They also protect the leaves from frost, as jade will die immediately if it freezes. 


  1. What a beautiful plant to have in flower during the winter! I have never heard of the Jade plant, but expect it is too tender to survive a winter in the UK. I am intrigued by your use of lights to keep your plant alive - that might be a good idea for a few things that I grow by the house in the hope that they will make it through the winter - also a good excuse to leave my Christmas lights up a bit longer!

    1. Jade is fairly common here in CA and is often grown from cuttings. Hope you find one someday as they are lovely indoors as houseplants too!


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