Signs of Spring

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Come join me this morning in my garden.... the colorful flowers of spring have started blooming and their sweet scent fills the air.  These blooms speak to me of warmer days ahead with their rich orange and yellow hues and robust purples.  This year remnants of winter plants have survived even as the tulips spring out of the ground and barren trees start to grow leaves again.  

As nature begins the dance of spring, I watch in wonder with my shears in hand bringing snips and clips of the garden indoors.  A green pottery vase is the carrier of my clippings, filled with tulips, daisies, and purple pincushion flowers.  New tree leaves and red photinia shoots find their way into the arrangement along with winter's white dusty miller leaves.  

The sound of birds chirping is like music in the garden now.  Their hidden undercover nests adorn the trees.  I am decorating our patio with reminders of them, since they shy away from my camera...

Red birds and bluebirds perch on the edge of planters and hide near the bottom of pots, enchanting visitors and welcoming spring to our home.  

A birdhouse nestled in the ferns summons early morning traffic from small sparrows hopping along the ground as they search for seeds.  Spring awakens in the garden...

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