A Simple Floral Garden Arrangement

Monday, May 19, 2014

Our hydrangeas are beginning to bloom and fill the garden with their robust summer beauty.  A portion of our yard is filled with these showy flowers in shades of pink, purple and white and it is such a pleasure to watch them blossom throughout the season.  They also make excellent cut flowers for arrangements.

The hydrangeas featured in this floral design are pure white and purple-pink.  They were clipped in the early morning and then mixed with some beautiful light lavender stock and a deep purple variety of Peruvian lily from the local market.

This is a simple arrangement to create as it contains only three floral elements.  To make a similar design, choose a cylindrical glass vase, add water and cut the hydrangea stems to the height of the vase.  Place the hydrangeas in first then cut the stock stems a few inches taller and work them into the arrangement.  Fill in the gaps with sprigs of Peruvian lily to finish the arrangement.


  1. Lovely arrangement you've made - beautiful flowers and colours.
    Have a good week.
    Ingrid x

  2. Thank you, Ingrid. This arrangement lasted longer than most...


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