Faux Rose and Peony Floral Arrangements

Monday, October 13, 2014

Faux floral arrangements can provide the style and visual texture needed to pull a room together without the maintenance required of fresh floral designs.  They are particularly effective in rooms with unreliable light sources or variable temperatures where fresh flowers would show the wear and tear.  

These designs were made to complement the decor in our bathroom during the fall and winter months when little natural light falls in the room.  I chose blooms like peonies and roses so the finished pieces would have a Romantic European look.  Each design is unique but they are coordinated to display in the same room.  Because they will be used in an area with high humidity,  porcelain containers are better than metal or basketry.  

The rich plums, corals and oranges of the flowers in the design above reflect the fall season and give the room a pop of color.   Berries and burnt gold fern leaves add to the autumn look. Mauve peonies soften the arrangement and provide texture...

Variegated color in the silk petals give the flowers dimension and make them appear more realistic.  

This larger arrangement includes the same mauve peonies and feathery ferns but here they are combined with cream and beige hydrangeas, plum ranunculus and olive green peonies. The more muted earthy colors in this piece fuse with those in the other arrangement but do not repeat the look exactly.

Willow branches in the final design below add a finishing touch and a sense of movement.  They also balance the height of the tall pedestal container...

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