Winter 2015 Mood Board

Sunday, January 11, 2015

This January brings with it fresh inspiration, a new perspective and creative energy.  Since the dawning of the new year, I have been reorganizing the studio to reflect my current needs and creative direction.  While spending many hours sorting, filing, and categorizing art supplies, I realized that I hadn't changed the clippings on the mood board hanging above my art table in quite some time.  It was no longer inspirational to me.  I had become so used to looking at it that it was just a part of the background of my world...

So, with the spirit of a new year upon me, I dismantled the outdated board and began tearing images from collected catalogs and magazines.  The pictures I found to be most appealing shared certain colors and characteristics so I pinned them to the board for future viewing.  As I did this, a pattern of soft color juxtaposed with dark neutrals emerged.  I noticed a predominance of warm pink and apricot hues with honey beige.  Watery, soft teals and grey blues also kept finding their way into the mix of clippings.

The process of creating a mood board is an excellent tool to help clarify one's artistic direction.  It is like a visual journal of collected images and ideas. The large bulletin board I use for my mood board makes it an integral part of the studio space and something I look at everyday.

I am drawn to sculptural shapes in this board, like the white coral and classical figures shown.  I also like the painterly effect and unusual color combination in this reindeer painting from a catalog cover.

Warm cinnabar, rich cacti green and sandy taupe enhanced with elegant peach tones remind me of the arid southwest.  Books, historical maps, and birds are also now fascinating me...

A soft palette of color, textural minerals, and the snowflake-like doily pattern in this part of the board recalls the beauty of winter with ice tones and opulent amethyst...

What is inspiring you in 2015?

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