A Wreath of Roses...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The many varieties of roses that bloom this time of year inspired this simple custom wreath made of faux flowers and vines.  It is a traditional design made for someone who likes classic country florals and values simplicity.  

This project began with a grapevine wreath which I then covered with blush pink and white old-fashioned roses inserted into the wreath base at different angles for a natural look.  The smaller ecru roses were then worked in for variety.  After all the light colored roses were placed throughout the wreath, I filled in the spaces between the flowers with greenery.  To keep the design traditional, faux garden foliage like creeping ivy and variegated vines were used, some with delicate white blossoms.  Finally, after all the neutral flowers were in place, I added the bright coral rosebuds for accent.

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  1. Beautiful! You really create just the prettiest wreaths. I love the simple old fashioned look of this beauty.
    xo Sally

  2. So delicate and ethereal! It's just lovely ! :)

  3. Beautiful, whimsical and enchanting, I am such a wreath person myself and appreciate the talent and time that goes into creating them.

    1. Thank you, Jemma. I love making wreaths because they celebrate the changing seasons and add emphasis to the entrance of the home. Glad you stopped by to visit!



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