Sakura: Cherry Blossoms

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The bright, clear light of springtime brings a soft glow to the ornamental cherry trees I see blossoming this time of year.  They are the last to bloom of all the flowering trees and create a grande finale of fluffy white blossoms that turn to pink as time passes.  I think they become more beautiful as they age just like many people do...

The cherry blossom, called sakura, is a symbol of fleeting beauty and the fragility of life in Japanese culture. These delicate blossoms and their ephemeral nature are often celebrated in art... 

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  1. They are inspiring to photograph! Thank so much for stopping by, Angelina.

    Happy Spring!


  2. Your blossom photos are so beautiful Lisa! It is a great treat to be able to enjoy your photos knowing that my own blossom will be on the trees in a week or two.


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