Cherry Brandy Rose Arrangement

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The exquisite pale orange and berry hues of the Cherry Brandy Rose make it one of my favorite additions to spring and summer floral arrangements.  It is a market flower, available by the bunch, and adds a lovely pop of color to softer toned blooms and foliage.

The outside petals of this rose are a stunning fuchsia color and the center is a warm subtle orange.  As the flowers open, they start to fade, creating an elegant blend of orange to pink.

In this floral arrangement, the roses are mixed with yellow and pink Peruvian lilies and some richly scented blush stock that has become a staple in our home lately.  To create this centerpiece, I chose a beige ceramic cachepot, filled it with water, and added a variety of greens from the garden.  Then I wove the stock flowers into the greenery and inserted the roses intermittently throughout.  To fill in the empty spaces and complement the roses, stems of yellow and pink Peruvian lilies were added.  Finally, a sprig of deep burgundy garden roses was introduced to ground the arrangement with a darker tone.

This floral centerpiece was simple to create and lasted for about a week.  Of course it is important to change the water everyday and strip the lower leaves off of all flowers before arranging them to keep the stems fresh.


  1. Beautiful Lisa! I love the mix of textures, bright and soft colors you used. I bet it smells divine!


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