Vernal Overture...

Friday, May 1, 2015

As the heat of early summer wafts through the morning air I find myself in the studio more often, painting and creating.  The many soft and ephemeral blossoming trees and flowers that called me outdoors with my camera in the early hours of spring are now replaced by bright, hearty summer-proof blooms.  As I burrow inside with my paintbrush in hand, I am looking back over the collection of blossom photos I took when the earth was just beginning to thaw and bring forth a new year of mesmerizing life in the garden.

Our star magnolia tree is usually one of the first to bloom.  It leads all the others into the beautiful dance of spring with its blushing white blossoms and leafless branches.  This mixed media painting was  inspired by its awakening.  The soft frost blue and watery greens, accented with delicate gold, reflect the atmosphere of the garden as the winter cold melts away in the subtle light of early spring.

This piece is a mixed watermedia collage on paper and measures 20"x 28".  It includes textured papers and fibers, watercolor, acrylic, beads and metallic line-work.  Iridescent paint highlights the composition and illuminates the magnolia blossoms...

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