Summer Decorating: Seashells and Hydrangeas

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Decorating with elements of nature is one of my favorite ways to make our home feel ready for summer.  Since the hydrangeas are starting to fade, I cut some and arranged them throughout the house with my seashell collection to bring in a touch of soft color and texture.  I find the repetition of having the same flowers and natural elements in several different rooms makes the decor appear unified and also provides a gentle reminder of the garden outside the walls...

Here a whitewashed woven tray is filled with hydrangeas I'm drying for a future project.  A few shells, from many trips to the Carmel beach, were added and displayed with the blooms in a dessert dish stacked on a cake plate for height.  This is a portable centerpiece that can be set on a table or credenza.

I filled a small vase with hydrangeas and placed it on a tray covered in seashells to adorn the kitchen table.  This served as a centerpiece for today's luncheon with friends!  The layered plates and neutral colors were light and airy.

Although I usually choose plants rather than arrangements outdoors, we've been outside so much in this summery weather that I filled a vase with cut flowers for dinner on the patio.  (I bring them in after dessert to keep the cut flowers happy in our air conditioning!)  

A few hydrangeas also found their way to our family room mantel, where I have them in small vases with twisted willow branches placed behind.


  1. So beautiful, your photographs are beyond gorgeous!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Lidy! I'm glad you stopped by...



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