Lake Tahoe in July

Friday, July 17, 2015


We just returned home from a lovely vacation to Lake Tahoe, California where the spectacular beauty of the lake, mountains and pine trees creates a rich impression of nature's grandeur.  Although I wouldn't consider Tahoe a flowery place, it was wonderful to discover the last blooms of these wild lupines on the shore.  One of the local residents recommended this site for its proliferation of flowers in the early summer when the bright purple lupine blooms fill the fields all the way to the water's edge.

Tahoe lupines

The clarity and beauty of Lake Tahoe is stunning, especially near sunset when the light is more diffuse and the mountains are shaded.  Below are images of the north shore where we stayed in Incline Village.  The calmer waters in this portion of the lake glisten in the evening light.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe sunset

Pine trees fill the landscape here where the high elevation and cold weather make it a winter paradise for skiers.  In the summer, the trees are green and gorgeous with textural bark and pools of pinecones on the ground.  The scent is so fresh and memorable.

pine trees pinecones

In addition to the breathtaking naturescapes and fun summer activities, Tahoe also offers relaxation and great food.  We had a dinner at the Lone Eagle Grille in Incline Village overlooking the lake and were served this incredible pinecone-shaped dessert called a Baked Tahoe.  Although I usually don't blog about desserts, this one I must share- it is a chocolate buckwheat brownie with french vanilla toffee ice cream encircled with molasses and covered in fluffy torched meringue.  Heaven on a plate...

Baked Tahoe Lone Eagle Grille


  1. These are really lovely photos of Tahoe Lisa - it is really lovely to look at places you are talking about and actually recognise them!! Sadly we missed the lupins and that amazing dessert. Glad you had a good break - we are leaving LA today on route to Vegas - with a detour to drop Harry at Woodward.

    1. Thanks, Julie. We did have fun! I'm so glad you enjoyed Tahoe too. Have a great time in Vegas!


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