Summer Gladioli

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Gladiolus is one of the most dramatic and stunning of summer's flowers.  The spear-like stalks emerge from the ground near mid-summer and often make a lovely show of color through August.  In fact gladiolus, which is sometimes referred to as sword lily due to its unique shape, is August's birth flower.


Often brightly colored, these striking blooms are perennial and are found in summer cutting gardens.  They are tall, sometimes up to 6 feet, and generally need to be staked to keep from falling.  Lovely lining fences, these hot summer beauties are equally pretty when brought indoors.  If cut when they are budding, they will open and bloom in the vase with fresh water daily and adequate light.  The vertical stems make an excellent flower for floor vases.


The delicate transitions between pink and white in these gladioli and the silky petals of the blooms were fascinating to photograph.  I mixed in white lisianthus for texture to soften the look of the bouquet.

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