Color Story: Ocean Inspired

Sunday, July 24, 2016

White Flowers and Shells-

On these hot summer days, airy ocean colors have a distinct appeal.  I find myself bringing soft whites, pale teals and blushing beiges into our decor to lighten the look for the season.  This chosen collection of seashells, amassed over many journeys to the beach, inevitably comes out of storage and gets strewn around the house.  It is a summer ritual that reminds me of beautiful days spent on the California coast.   

Shells and Blossoms-

These photos, taken of a tabletop vignette I styled, capture the serenity of the sea through color.  Faded mauve, warm beige and dusty taupe are all hues that conjure up memories of sand and shore.

Decorative Shells with Blush and Beige-

Soft teal encompasses the essence of water reflecting the colors of sky and trees on the northern coastline.  

Bowl of Blossoms and Shell-

White stock blossoms floating in a mercury glass bowl mirror the tones and texture of a nearby shell.

Sand Dollar and Anemone Shells-

A sand dollar, washed up on the shore and broken by the waves, is subtly accented by flowing lace and a soft pink anemone shell...   

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