Early Summer Roses

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Coral Roses- Early Summer Roses- www.gildedbloom.com

Roses add a touch of classic beauty to the early summer garden with their lovely colors and sweet scent.  In May ours begin blooming as the air becomes warmer and the sunlight lasts into evening.  Shades of orange, red and yellow fill the patio garden and welcome the beginning of a new season.

Yellow Roses - Early Summer Roses- www.gildedbloom.com

We have tree roses in pots, like this vibrant variety which blooms yellow in May then fades to a softer orange tone as the summer progresses.  Others are planted in the garden and create a show of climbing color like those shown below.

Blaze Roses- Early Summer Roses- www.gildedbloom.com

These "Blaze" roses are covering the fences now and blooming profusely in the sun.  They are very lightly scented and produce a multitude of blooms per plant.

 Iceberg Roses- Early Summer Roses- www.gildedbloom.com

The "Iceberg" roses are also blooming now and their bright white flowers catch the light, making the landscape glow on summer evenings. They are also lovely in arrangements with just a few sprigs of white azalea blossoms.

Early Summer Roses- www.gildedbloom.com

Sometimes a single rose in a simple pottery vase is more perfect than any large bouquet could ever be.  This delicate, subtly scented rose is stunning on its own without the distraction of other flowers...

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