Four Favorite Summer Hydrangeas

Monday, June 19, 2017

Hydrangeas provide spectacular summer blooms and now there are many new and unique varieties available.  Here are just a few of my favorites which have been added to the garden over the last year or two.

This blue and white bi-color hydrangea bloomed early this summer and is continuing to produce lovely and dramatic flowers.  The unusual two-tone petals make the blooms appear patterned.

The pastel colors that fuse together in the antique hydrangea called "Magic Carousel" are subtle and varied.  The light green petals, tinged with pink, lavender, and blue provide a touch of powdery color and texture to the shade garden.

Below, the "Pistachio Hydrangea" is shown with its lime and scarlet florets.   This is a very vibrant variety and grows on a hearty bush.

My absolute favorite of all is this "Angel's Parasol Hydrangea".  Its soft lavender petals are tear-shaped and grow into a gorgeous saucer-like bloom.

These are just a few enchanting hydrangeas to consider and there are so many more variations available to grow and enjoy!  To learn more about these stunning summer flowers, be sure to read the outstanding article about hydrangeas in the new summer issue of Garden Design magazine.   It discusses types of hydrangeas, colors, varieties and how hydrangeas can enhance landscape design and floral arrangements.

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