Dreaming of Dahlias...

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Pink Dahlia- www.gildedbloom.com

It is almost dahlia season and the garden is filled with budding plants.  Dahlias are my favorite late summer flower and every year I add a new variety or two just to watch them bloom and enjoy their beauty in the hot August sun.  They are one of the few flowers that happily endure our warm summer temperatures as long as they have a bit of shade.  Also a stunning cut flower, they are beautiful in arrangements.  

Pink Dahlia- www.gildedbloom.com

These soft pink dahlias are from last summer, as I'm still awaiting this year's blooms.  Looking back at the arrangements I created is a way for me to begin planning the designs I will do when the new flowers appear.    

This post features Lavender Perfection dinnerplate dahlias with hydrangeas and roses.  

Summer Dahlia Arrangement- www.gildedbloom.com 

The burnt red dahlias in this early autumn floral capture the spirit of the garden as the seasons start to change.  

Fall Dahlia Arrangement- www.gildedbloom.com

I always look forward to using dahlias in centerpieces near the end of summer as in this table design

Wine and Mulberry Dahlia Table- www.gildedbloom.com

But for now, I'll just dream of dahlias...

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