Maple Sugar Misto

Friday, October 6, 2017

Maple Sugar Misto-

One of the true pleasures of autumn is waking up to cool crisp morning air and spending time in the garden.  For me, morning starts with coffee, and lately I've been enjoying this simple recipe filled with robust fall flavors while planning the flower gardens.

A "Caffe Misto" is basically a latte that is made with coffee instead of espresso.  It is usually half steamed milk and half coffee, similar to the French cafe au lait.  These are delicious in their purest and plainest form, but I've found that adding a splash of real maple syrup and a sprinkle of cinnamon only makes them more delightful!  Of course, a dollop of whipped cream is also a welcome addition and can turn this morning misto into an elegant dessert coffee.

Maple Sugar Misto-

Real maple syrup is a must when making this drink and the decorative bottles it is sold in can be reused as autumn bud vases.  I collect them and fill them with flowers throughout the season!

Maple Leaf Vase-

Happy Fall!

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