Valley Snow

Friday, April 10, 2020

I hope you are all well and staying healthy at home during this challenging time.  These photos are a bit overdue, but I'd still like to share them with you as I know many are struggling to find peace in these troubled times while adapting to a new lifestyle of being indoors.  I hope I have captured the serenity I experience in nature, and that it will bring you a moment of joy and a glimpse into a beautiful world that you can see on your screen if not outside your window.

Every spring I photograph these orchards near my home and even though the almond trees are the same the pictures are always different.

Some years are filled with bright blue skies peeking through the canopy of trees, and others with green grasses from rain in the orchards.

This spring was a majesty of white petals, like snow on the ground of wonderland...

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