Abundant Beauty

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Abundant Beauty- www.gildedbloom.com


“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: 

Its loveliness increases; it will never 

Pass into nothingness; but still will keep "- John Keats

Abundant Beauty- www.gildedbloom.com

The grandeur of the rose is timeless and it is one of my favorite early summer flowers.   There are so many different varieties each with its own character, fragrance and unique color.  In May and early June when our garden roses bloom they bring the most lovely scent and soft color.

Lisa Livingston, Abundant Beauty, acrylic on canvas,  24" x 24"

The legendary beauty of the rose is celebrated in this piece.  I was inspired by the elegance of old world floral designs which often include a profusion of roses.  They were essential components in flower arrangements during the Victorian period when floral design was first recognized as a form of art.  

Abundant Beauty- www.gildedbloom.com

"Abundant Beauty" is painted with acrylic on canvas, and is 24" x 24".  For more information please click here.

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