Hello and welcome to The Gilded Bloom!  

My name is Lisa.  I am an artist and photographer with a passion for flowers and interior decor.   The Gilded Bloom is my floral-inspired online journal of art, photography, decorating and creative ideas for living a beautiful life!  It includes my art and photography portfolio along with floral designs, nature-inspired decor and table settings.

I grew up and currently live with my husband near the country in sunny California where we are lucky to grow flowers and produce throughout the year.  We have fresh citrus fruit all winter and gardens filled to the brim with vegetables and flowers in the summer months.  There are beautiful trees and lovely flowers everywhere in my world.  

Inspired by the natural beauty surrounding me, I began painting and photographing flowers in our garden and around the region.  My art work has been in exhibitions and garden shows and I continue to develop my portfolio, which now also includes floral design and some interior styling.

After several years teaching college-level art history, I decided to expand my creative interests and began The Gilded Bloom to log household projects, recipes, art and decorating ideas.  Over time it has evolved into a journal of art, photography and creative endeavors all woven together with flowers.

Enjoy some time here and please say hello in the comments section or feel free to email me at gildedbloom@gmail.com


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